Lively discussions and talks during successful Imptox junior researchers meeting

Around 50 persons joined in on October 20th in Belgrade to discuss first findings and connect with our Imptox early-stage researchers

The hybrid workshop “Exploring the effects of micro- and nanoplastics on human health: Imptox junior researchers share experiences & challenges” took place on October 20, 2022, at the main lecture hall of the Faculty of Chemistry at the University of Belgrade, with online participation possible as well.

Michelle Epstein, Imptox Vice-Coordinator from the Medical University of Vienna, led the audience through the program and presented Imptox early-career scientists from UGent, UBFC, Hes-So, Univie, and the Srebrnjak Children’s Hospital. The many interesting aspects discussed during the meeting included AI models helping to further push the image analysis of micro- and nanoplastics (MNPs), as discussed by Thibault Showing from Hes-So, and promising approaches in the production of PET and PP reference materials for MNP research as presented by Lukas Wimmer from the University of Vienna. More information is available including the afternoon’s full programme.

This event was a great opportunity for Imptox junior researchers to present their research in public, forge valuable connections with peers from different institutions, and listen to constructive feedback from scientists in the auditorium.

The Imptox consortium used the opportunity of all partners uniting in Belgrade to set up a series of internal meetings around a core event where they discussed their research progress and challenges.



Imptox (October 20, 2022). “Junior Researchers Meeting.” (pdf)

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