How we collaborate within CUSP

Member projects set up working groups to collaborate on transversal themes and establish framework program for research on micro- and nanoplastics

CUSP is a consortium of five research initiatives bringing together 75 organizations from 21 countries. Supported by the European Union, an interdisciplinary team of scientists, policymakers and civil society is collaborating in this large-scale effort to find out what effects micro- and nanoplastics may have on human health.

This collaboration includes the members of the five projects working together on transversal themes in six common working groups in order to establish a framework program for research on micro- and nanoplastics. These six working groups focus on:

  • Analytical methods and representative materials
  • Data sharing
  • Inter-laboratory comparisons
  • Exposure assessment
  • Risk assessment
  • Communication and dissemination

In addition to the individual websites and communications channels managed by each of the five projects, a working group has been established to manage the separate website for CUSP as well as a set of social media channels (Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube) and a newsletter. These have been set up to more effectively communicate progress and results from collaborative cross-project working groups and joint initiatives to a wider audience. All stakeholders are invited to learn more about CUSP activities on the website, engage with us on social media, and subscribe to the newsletter for periodic updates from across the research consortium.

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