CUSP and UBC Collaboration: Common Challenges of Analytics Workshop Proceedings

CUSP and University of British Columbia (UBC) collaboration organizes an engaging workshop on "Analytics: Characterization and quantification/enumeration of particles in the environment and in tissue" looking at common challenges

The CUSP and University of British Columbia (UBC) Workshop on “Analytics: Characterization and quantification / enumeration of particles in the environment and in tissue” was held online on January 28, 2022. Despite the unsocial hours, 69 participants took part from all five CUSP Projects and the University of British Columbia Cluster for Microplastics, Health, and the Environment to share experiences, exchange knowledge, and to discuss challenges and solutions as part of a great collaboration between the two clusters.

Researchers from both clusters delivered engaging talks to highlight challenges and solutions, as follows:

  • Florian Meirer (Associate Professor, Inorganic Chemistry and Catalysis research group at Utrecht University; Polyrisk & Aurora) “Characterizing Nanoplastics with Force Microscopy – An Update”
  • Anna Costa (Environmental Nanotechnology and Nano-Safety group of CNR-ISTEC; PlasticsFatE) “Strategies for MP/NP simulated samples-laboratory tests”
  • Tao Huan (Assistant Professor, Chemistry, The University of British Columbia) “Pilot Study of the Impact of Microplastics on Cell Liability and Potential Application of Metabolomics in Understanding the Biological Mechanisms”
  • Edward Grant (Professor, UBC Chemistry) “The challenge of representative microplastic analysis”

Individual researchers also submitted slides of their research for further networking and collaboration. The video of the event and complementary slides are available for download within Zenodo.

For more information, find out about the UBC microplastics cluster, the researchers who form the network, the students and postdocs involved, and the different micro- and nanoplastic-related projects.

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