Working group 6

Communication and Dissemination

Maximising and sustaining the visibility and impact of the CUSP projects among target audiences in support of the European Plastics and Bioeconomy Strategies at European and international levels

CUSP comprises five individual projects with unique foci, aims, and expected outcomes. Each project has an overriding objective to maximise and sustain the visibility and impact of its research and innovation efforts within a wide range of stakeholder groups. Potentially, this could result in the different projects duplicating efforts to reach the same stakeholders, events being hosted simultaneously, and target audiences being saturated with similar messages. This working group brings together the knowledge and expertise of the communication and dissemination leads from each project to ensure that the communication and dissemination strategies are smartly and effectively implemented throughout the duration of the projects. This working group will develop carefully crafted tools, media platforms, live and remote events, and dynamic content to raise awareness, engage and capture the interest of target stakeholder groups including industry, academia, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), regulators, policymakers, and civil society stakeholders.

It will implement a strategically planned process to be continued throughout the projects’ lifespans: a process that requires streamlined and targeted measures to communicate messages to a wide range of audiences, and to foster multi-directional exchanges, knowledge sharing, and mutual learning.

In this way, the working group will establish the foundations for long-lasting relationships between partners and relevant entities.


Working Group Leader

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