Five CUSP projects launch websites, social media

New websites, social media channels, and newsletters developed by each project to engage stakeholders and communicate on the progress and results; aim to serve as important communications channel for the active research years and beyond

Since launching in Spring 2021, the five research projects within CUSP have been working hard to ramp up their first research efforts across their various work packages. To ensure that the projects’ progress and results will be accessible to key stakeholders and the wider public, communications teams have also been busy setting up project websites, social media accounts, and newsletters that will serve as important communication channels throughout the projects’ next four to five active research years and beyond.

All stakeholders are invited to visit each of the five project websites, subscribe to their newsletters, and engage via their social media accounts for the latest updates. An overview of these for each project is provided below, and more information can be found directly on each project’s website.







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