Navigating the invisible currents – Micro- and nanoplastics’ water odyssey

FoodMicro 2024 Symposium

Microplastics and Microbiome Interactions: Sharing Insights and Exploring New Pathways

The How and Why of Standardization

Micro- and Nanoplastics and Public Health: EU research findings

European Science Open Forum (ESOF)

Human Biomonitoring and PARC: From regional to international level

SETAC Europe 34th Annual Meeting

Pathogens in the Plastisphere – Toxicity, Virulence, and Antibiotic Resistance

Micro- and Nanoplastics in Focus: Bridging Allergic Disease, Toxicology, and Environmental Factors

Nanoplastics: Origin, Structure, and Fate

International Conferences on Environmental & Food Monitoring

9th Meeting of the IATA Case Studies Project

Third Session of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee on Plastic Pollution (INC-3)

Microplastics workshop for early career researchers: Best practices and expert insights

CUSP Annual Meeting and Conference

Eurotox 2023

International Conference on Food Nanotechnology, Nanosafety, and Nanotoxicology

Zero Pollution Stakeholder Workshop

EuroNanoForum 2023

nanoSAFE 2023

Inhaled Particles / NanOEH Conference

European and Spanish Environmental Mutagenesis and Genomics Society (EEMGS/SEMA) Meetings

NanoSafety Training School 2023

Scientific workshop microplastics & human health risk assessment

SETAC Europe

Risk Assessment of MNPs Workshop: Data and Information Gaps

2nd Imptox Workshop: MNPs & Human Health – Insights from Science and Research

Risk Assessment of MNPs Workshop: Risk assessment frameworks

LimnoPlast Conference: Diving into freshwater microplastic pollution

WG6 Communications Meeting

Risk Assessment of MNPs Workshop: Regulatory insights and knowledge gaps

Imptox Junior Researchers Share Experiences & Challenges

Global Summit on Regulatory Science (GSRS22)

Microplastic Toxicity Testing and Hazard Characterization

Progressing Together: 2nd CUSP Annual Meeting at the JRC (Ispra)

Public workshop: “Scientific perspectives on the health impacts of micro- and nanoplastics: an open discussion”

CUSP Workshop: Exposure metrics for future risk assessment of micro/nanoplastics

Mouse lung workshop with University of British Columbia

CUSP Workshop: Analytics – Characterization and quantification/enumeration of particles in the environment and in tissue

Nanosafety and the semantic web: from natural language to computational processing

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