Dive into the 6th edition of the CUSP News

We are excited to announce the release of the 6th edition of the CUSP newsletter! This issue is brimming with the latest updates, groundbreaking research, and insights from our dedicated scientists. It is essential reading for anyone interested in micro- and nano-plastics (MNPs) and their impact on human health.

As four of our five CUSP projects enter their final year, we reflect on the milestones achieved and the challenges ahead. In the sixth issue of the CUSP newsletter, past and present CUSP chairs share their reflections on the transition of leadership and the significant advances made, including the successful exchange of testing materials, the standardization of experimental protocols, and the release of the second CUSP policy brief.

Our recently issued policy brief, based on the evaluation of over 60 scientific papers, summarizes key findings and provides recommendations for future regulations. This brief is an invaluable resource for understanding the current state of research and the critical knowledge gaps that need to be addressed. Find out more about it in this edition of CUSP News.

Stay updated with the latest progress from our working groups. This issue covers a mind map for exposure assessment, a sperm whale expedition studying the effects of plastic pollution, new protocols for studying microplastics colonization in marine environments, real-life exposure studies, and much more.

Discover the personal and professional journeys of our researchers in the “Meet Our Scientists” section, featuring inspiring stories from scientists across all five CUSP projects.

Mark your calendars with the upcoming events and conferences announced in this newsletter, and find out where our teams will be presenting their latest research findings. Stay connected with our activities and engage with the broader scientific community.

We invite you to read the full newsletter for an in-depth look at these stories and more. Whether you’re a researcher, policymaker, or an enthusiast, our newsletter provides valuable information and opportunities to engage with our work.

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